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ArbJournal is an Internet-based research service for merger arbitrage, event-driven and special situations investment funds.  The service is dedicated to delivering authoritative and value-added analysis of legal and regulatory issues that drive mergers & acquisitions, hostile takeovers, corporate litigation and other special situations.  The service was founded in 2004.  The title of the publication is intentionally succinct and self-descriptive: ArbJournal is no-nonsense, clear, to-the-point and, most importantly, representative of our customer-first orientation. Based on an extensive background in the business, we know what our customers demand, and that is precisely what this service supplies on a daily, real-time basis.  ArbJournal provides editorial coverage of both United States and European merger arbitrage situations.

The service provides research content in both real-time and historical formatting, and subscribers may choose to receive their content via email alerts as well.  Features of the service include:

The ArbJournal editorial staff -- which combines for more than 50 years of experience in the M&A business -- includes the following Attorney-Editors.  Full biographies are available on the About Us page.

Publishing Policy: ArbJournal automatically covers deals with a publicly-traded U.S. target company and a transaction value of at least $100 million (U.S.). The threshold for European coverage is $300 million in deal value.  We follow and analyze all required regulatory reviews, legal issues and relevant deal documents.  Litigation arising out of the M&A context is also analyzed.  Subscribers may request coverage of transactions or situations that are not already on our radar screen, and as long as there is sufficient interest amongst our other subscribers we will cover the requested item.  We begin publishing at 7:00 am EST and typically conclude at 5:30 pm EST, depending on the developments of the day.

Trials & Pricing -- We provide free one-week trial content from both the U.S. and European services.  For a free trial and pricing, please contact us.  In order to protect the integrity of our database information and historical content, we provide our trial information via PDF files and selected email alerts.  We are not able to provide full, real-time access to the ArbJournal website to trial subscribers.  We are happy to work with potential customers to ensure that they receive a full understanding of the service, its features and its capabilities.

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